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Accident in Peru

Story-in-short is my husband was riding a KTM motorcycle from Asheville to Argentina with his friend, Dan. (We both ride adventure motorcycles now to better explore off-road forests and nature-bound places.) On the way to Argentina after being on the road for a few months, a taxi hit him head on and he flew like superman over the cab in Peru. I was called in the middle of the night and I had to pick up my life and business in one day and fly to Lima, Peru where I lived for 4 weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas 2008 while Shannon recovered enough to fly home. Here's a few more links to help you navigate it all.


My husband takes off for an epic motorcycle trip; see the whole story here at this website:

Read a cool article I placed on my husband about the trip: Recent article on motorcycle trip 
He gets hit by a taxi:
Part one:
and Part two of the accident report:
Recovering from accident in Lima - Michelle's blogging while her husband's recovering took place (on PR blog so there is PR slant):
After he recovered some we visited a ruin...

His riding partner finished the trip:
Shannon is walking fine today, although he cannot run like he used to. Email me if you're interested in finding out about his latest adventure update: michelle@publicityresults.com

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